Case Studies

Bath Road – Methodist Church

Project Brief:

Provide a reliable, tasteful and low energy house and performance lighting system to meet the demands of a modern multi-functional Church.

Noel Hunt of Bath Road Methodist Church presented National Stage Technology with the above challenge and said:

 “The combination of inaccessible halogen flood lights, sodium panels and fluorescent strip lights were becoming increasingly expensive to maintain and run. Limiting the impact on the aesthetics of the building was also an issue to be considered”.

Noel Hunt, Facilities Manager, Bath Road Methodist Church.

Bath Road Methodist Church is a multifunctional church with regular services and specialist functions such as events & presentations, our experienced sales and design team were able to generate a ‘future proof’ and economical solution.

Church Installation by National Stage Technology

Church Installation by National Stage Technology

“Throughout the project we were highly impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of all the staff. The end result far exceeded our expectations. We would certainly use National Stage Technology Ltd. again and would gladly recommend them.”

Noel Hunt, facilities manager at Bath Road.

The Solution

To address the requirements for day to day use of the space, National Stage Technology worked very closely with lighting manufacturer Innovation LED to create a bespoke lighting panel that would fit straight into the available space without the need for any packing or rebuilding of the ceiling grid. The Panels offered high LUX output, with simple DMX control over colour temperatures and intensities, allowing subtle changes to the ‘feel’ of the church when in use and offering warm looks for the winter and daylight effects for the summer.

To address the requirement for illumination of the Dias & choir seating areas, National Stage Technology installed 8 Selecon PL Fresnel lanterns which allow a soft and subtle directional spot. The lanterns are powered by Selecon’s patented LED colour engine which offer a vast palette of colours for users to choose from.

“We were delighted to present an elegant and bespoke solution to the client”
said Project Manager Mark Wiggins.