Case Studies

Liverpool Everyman


Following a challenging selection procedure Northern Stage Services were proud to be appointed to work alongside Britain’s leading theatre consultants Charcoal Blue to deliver the technical performance systems for what is perhaps the most important theatre rebuild in recent times.

This RIBA award winning project was designed by architects Haworth Tompkins to retain the atmosphere and history of the original building whilst allowing us to install state of the art and flexible technical systems that will keep the production team at the leading edge of technology for many years to come.

Having recently installed a new ETC Sensor dimming system for Liverpool Merseyside Theatres Trust at Liverpool Playhouse the ETC product was the natural choice the to sit at heart of the new venue. This system is entirely modular and will allow existing tungsten dimmed lighting to be replaced by switched low energy fixtures as technology progresses.


The traditional dimmer system is backed up by the most comprehensive Fibre-Optic data network Northern Stage Services have currently installed. With 63kM of cable and 5000 terminations the entire building has access to superfast data transfer capable of carrying anything from virtually lag free multichannel audio to 4k video signals from and to all corners.

Northern Stage Services also installed a completely programmable building wide Paging, Show Relay and BGM system and a custom built GDS stage management desk including Video and Comms systems.

Over 200 Audio Visual Facility Panels not to mention countless lighting panels installed by electrical contractor Vaughn’s, overseen and commissioned by Northern Stage make the Everyman one of the best equipped producing houses in the UK and helped make it the Association of British Theatre Technicians best attended technical tour of the year.

Project Details

Client: Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Theatres

Equipment Supplied

  • Lighting consoles – Two ETC Gio
  • Dimmers – ETC Sensors – 4 racks, fully loaded with 3kw dimmers, 5kw dimmers, 3kw non-dims, and 5kw non-dims
  • Facility panels and internally wired bars/grid
  • DMX distribution – Swisson
  • Data distribution – ETC Net3 four port gateway
  • House light control – ETC Unison Paradigm
  • Working light control – ETC Unison Paradigm
  • Video distribution – Kramer System with Samsung camera
  • Stage Management desk – GDS
  • Wired intercom – ClearCom
  • Wireless intercom – ClearCom
  • Assisted listening – Sennheiser radio Tourguide system
  • Show relay with bespoke nStage volume control outstations
  • Paging system

To quote Northern Stage Project Manager Chris Wells:

Working alongside leading suppliers including GDS, Sennheiser, Polar Audio and Robolights over a period of two years this was the largest project we have undertaken to date,” he continues. “It was great to test ourselves and even better to deliver our part of the project on time and ready to go.