Case Studies

Oxford Ice Rink

Audio System

The brief was to provide a multi purpose audio system which could cope with the demands of general back ground audio for events from the weekly disco, club nights and future planned party nights, along with a building wide public address system for general announcements and staff calls.

Working together with Electrovoice, National Stage Technology specified the main PA system to be installed as a direct replacement for the existing speaker cluster. Due to the extreme conditions Electrovoice recommended units that would cope with the damp and cold environment of an ice rink yet provide excellent sound quality. Along with the speaker system Electrovoice also supplied the amplification and speaker management system.

Central speaker cluster:

  • 4x Single EVS18S 400w PI weatherised subs.
  • 6x Zx5-60PI 15” Two-Way 600w weatherised full range speakers.
  • 4x SX300PI E Two-Way 300w weatherised full range speakers.

Amplification and speaker management system:

  • CPS 8.5 – 8 Channel Amplifier – Powering the full range speakers.
  • CPS 2.12 – 2 Channel Amplifier – Powering the Subs.
  • Dynacord DSP260 Speaker Manager.

For daily use a small source rack was installed into the DJ Booth consisting of a Tascam CD200i, Allan and Heath GR2 mixer and multi-input panel for connecting additional audio sources to the system.

For the building wide PA a system we used ADS units which could cope with the environmental demands of the ice rink and a ADS5240 100v Amplifier and Signet 1A Desk Microphone.

Lighting System

The replacement lighting system proved to be a design challenge, in order to create a system which would provide energy efficiency, ability to cope with the environmental factors of an rink and be versatile and easily controlled.

We provided six custom manufactured internally wired truss systems installed at high level along the walkways down each side of the rink, the truss was manufactured to a level able to cope with the cold and dampness of the rink. 90% of the fixtures supplied
were LED units with a number of UV cannons and 1Kw Parcans for additional lighting reinforcement. Full detail below.

Rink lighting system:

  • 6 x 5m custom manufactured internally wired ladder truss, with four 16A socket wired to a hard power system for LED and disco lighting and effects, one 16A outlet wired to a dimmer for generic dimmed lighting and one 16A outlet wired to a relay controlled system for UV effects and DMX Output for control of lighting equipment
  • 12 x Chauvet COLORado 1-Tri IP LED Parcans
  • 6 x Acme LittLED Moonflower
  • 6 x Acme LED Dynamo Scanner
  • 6 x Electrovision UV Cannons
  • 6 x IP44 Par64’s

Control was provided by:

  • A Strand 6 Pack Dimmer
  • Custom DMX Controlled Relay Pack
  • Custom Electrical Distribution
  • Acme CA M26 DMX Merger / Splitter
  • Mode Colourstyle 512 DMX Lighting Control Panel