Need something special?

From tiered seating to radio mics, lighting rigs to pyrotechnics; our Hire Team is on hand with a range of equipment for a whole host of venues and events.

We have more than 30 years’ theatrical experience and a warehouse stocked with all the equipment you need including:

  • Modular staging units for custom tiered seating areas or performance platforms
  • A range of lighting equipment from single spotlights to complete lighting rigs
  • A range of PA systems, communication solutions and mains distribution
  • A full range of aluminium trussing enabling us to custom design and build performance areas
  • A large range of effects equipment including: smoke, haze, dry ice, snow, bubbles and pyrotechnics

We can simply deliver the equipment you require, or design and rig a solution to ensure your event makes an impression! We’ll also stay and operate the system if you want us to.

Call the Hire Team on 01706 849 469 for a no obligation quotation or email the team on hire@nstage.co.uk.